My Jewellery Collection


This website will introduce a series of jewellery that I usually like to wear, which satisfied my requirements of different occasions and styles of dressing respectively. I will use my own words to describe what they look like, my story with them, and the clothes I usually wear with them. They are very important to me because I like them very much and I am very happy to have them. They will also add an extra touch of novelty and beauty to my everyday outfits.

Collection Lists


It is a pair of earrings with only a single pearl ornament, about 120mm in diameter. This pair of earrings contracted but can enhance feminine elegance. It can be worn daily or with a dress. I usually like to wear these earrings with a white shirt.


This Swarovski necklace has been with me for nearly three years and is one of my favourite jewellery. This necklace is a simple black swan decorated with black crystal. The golden chain makes it look very shiny. I can wear it in any occasions.


I bought the silver crystal ring when I was traveling on the gold coast. In the middle is an oval purple crystal with silver leaves on both sides. I think the design of this ring is very retro. I like to wear this ring when I wear dress.

This is a pair of long blue gradient water drop crystal earrings. It is decorated with a pair of tiny zircon dragonflies and stars. I usually wear these earrings with my traditional national dress.

This is a one-sided earring. It consists of a gold chain with ear bone clips and studs. There is a six-pointed star on the ear bone clip, and there are two big and small six-pointed stars on the ear nail with a fringe of six-pointed star. This one-sided earring is very shiny. I only wear it on important occasions.

I bought this one when I was shopping. It's all silver. A small ring in the middle is dotted with many broken diamonds. It's a very simple and feminine necklace. I like to wear it with black and white grey clothes.


This pair of earrings is also one of the earrings I wear most often. I like them very much. This is a pair of asymmetric Star Moon Earrings. The shape of star and the moon are my two favourite shapes. I usually wear these earrings when I hang out with my friends or go to have class. I think they can match any one of my clothes.

I brought this pair of gorgeous earrings online. A large pearl is half surrounded by five oval diamonds. The next larger diamond can gently shake as I move. This earring is very shiny in the light. I usually wear it on important occasions when I wear a dress.